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Published on 27/07/2015

IAF’s ever more strengthened confidence in EA

Emanuele Riva, Director of Certification and Inspection Department in ACCREDIA, the Italian NAB, has been the successful candidate to take up the position of IAF Vice-Chair during the next three years 2016-2018.

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Published on 20/07/2015

Newcomers to EA peer-evaluation teams

The EA Secretariat in Paris hosted a so-called newcomer training on 2-4 June 2015 to enlarge future teams of EA peer-evaluators with a view to improve EA peer-evaluation activities.

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Published on 06/07/2015

EA is still enhancing its position in the IAF Executive Committee

Norman Brunner, Director of Akkreditierung Austria (AA), has just been nominated the next IAF MLA Committee Chair for the 3-year period 2016-2018.

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