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Published on 13/11/2014

Tomas Holm from SWEDAC, the Swedish NAB, elected as the EA IC Vice-Chair

At their last meeting on 2 Octo-ber 2014 in Athens, Greece, a great majority of EA Inspection Committee’s members elected Tomas Holm, the SWEDAC representative, as their Vice-Chair.

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Published on 21/10/2014

From Venice to Copenhagen by bicycle for climate change - from 14 to 30 October 2014

It is no longer time to talk about climate change, now it is necessary to ride!

Daniele Pernigotti and Claudio Bonato, from Venice, are convinced of that and decided to cover about 2,000 km in a little more than two weeks, in order to connect ideally the town of Venice with the town of Copenhagen, right in the sign of the greatest environmental threat of our era.

Daniele Pernigotti is a biologist and works for ACCREDIA, the Italian Accreditation Body, as assessor, specialized in environmental sectors, such as environment management systems, greenhouse gas inventories, Carbon Footprint of Product.

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Published on 09/10/2014

National accreditation bodies having successfully undergone peer evaluation by EA

The national accreditation bodies listed below having successfully undergone peer evaluation by EA for accreditation of verifiers as required by Article 64 of Commission Regulation (EU) No 600/2012 and therefore, according to Article 66(1) of the Regulation, Member States shall accept the accreditation certificates of verifiers accredited by these national accreditation bodies and respect the right of the verifiers to carry out verification for their scope of accreditation:

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